Weave VoIP Phone

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check your address

enter your address and see which services are available at your place


sign up online

we offer unlimited Canada-wide calling for $25/month

if transfering a number a $25 one time charge applies


get connected

if a technician is required, we’ll send one out to get you setup


sit back & enjoy!

setup your VoIP box, get online and enjoy stress free calling


VoIP Details

Weave Networks provides a simple device that converts any standard house hold phone to being able to use a VoIP line. The device has two ports which allows you to connect two phones, or a phone and a fax.


Flat rate. Unlimited Canada-Wide Calls.

Phone Features

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Call Forwarding Extension Calling
Voice Mail Call Waiting Hunt Groups
Voicemail to Email Contact Centre Agent Line Presence on Side Car
Inbound Caller ID Call Detail Reporting Ring Groups
Outbound Caller ID Flexible Voice Service No Charge Changes
3 Way Calling Call Recording Simultaneous Ring

Important VoIP Information

Please visit our Terms & Conditions and our 911 Service Explanation to understand more about how Weaves VoIP service functions and important 911 service information.